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Ivy Girl Academy has an exciting, new addition to our services!

After a very successful trip to Ghana in 2016, we will be journeying annually starting in 2018

We will take anyone with us who wants a life-changing experience- teens as young as 14 to men and women of any age. We will serve in orphanages, teach english, serve impoverished kids, and love and learn from the people.

Donations are greatly appreciated-

we want to give scholarships to deserving teen girls who need this experience.

Apply Here--->

We are currently accepting applications for the 2018 Africa Trip.

July 20- August 4


We welcome girls who might be struggling with life-low self-esteem, lack of motivation, depression, selfishness, hanging out with negative influences, lack of purpose, etc.

We also need teen girls who can be mentors!

These are girls who can be leaders among our group. Mentors need to be strong, confident, mature, hard-working, kind, good listeners, friendly, loving, and classy.

Mentors will be in charge of making sure that everyone feels included and valuable while on the trip.




Jessie's Story:

I was the worst teen "bully" you can imagine. Regina George from the movie "Mean-Girls" had nothing on me. Bullying was my drug. My way to numb myself from my own pain. I was bulimic, my parents were getting a divorce, I was struggling in school and I was GETTING bullied by a group of girls. I didn't know how to deal with all that pain so I chose bullying to release some of that pressure.


But then I went to Africa when I was 18 and it completely changed my life. It saved my life. I learned to be grateful, I learned to serve, I learned to step outside myself, I learned the power of perspective, I learned to be less materialistic, and so much more. Now I am a youth advocate and teen behavior expert. I speak in high schools and junior highs all over the country and I study teen bullying for a living.



Service is the cure for meanness. Service is the cure for self-centeredness, lack of motivation or purpose. Medication is good, therapy is good but service in a third world country is life-changing.


We are going on this trip with an incredible organization called Think Kindness. Check them out!  thinkkindness.org

Jessie's Tribute


More Details


$1675- Food, lodging, in-land travel, etc

$2000- Flight (approx.)

$300- Shots

$150- Passport

TOTAL: $4000 (approx.)


A $500 deposit will be due 4 months before the trip. Flights will need to booked as far in advance as possible to get the best deal and the remainder will be due one month before the trip. Everyone will fly together for safety's sake.


Flight: Plan on a minimum of 20 hours


Accommodations: We will be staying in guest houses. Mostly group stay together. Two extra rooms that can be single occupancy if some volunteer prefers, group volunteers normally stay in a room of 6 ppl or less depending on the total number. There is also an option to stay with community elders. In short, we are flexible and all we need is volunteers' input so we can adopt. We believe we have a volunteer program that fits everybody, promotes cultural immersion and at same time make our visitors safe and comfortable in the short time that they will be with in Ghana.


Food: Be prepared to try new things and keep an open mind about the local food. Also, plan to pack your own snacks from home (power bars, nuts, fruit snacks, etc).


Vaccines: HERE is a list of the CDC recommendations for vaccines in Ghana. Contact your local health provider to get travel vaccines.


Trip Directors:

Camille Keller- bkellerc@aol.com

Francis Agbemafle- myfrancis@usa.net

Brian Williams- brian@thinkkindness.org


Camille Keller: IGA Humanitarian Director

Camille journeyed to Ghana with IGA in 2016. Her genuine love for the children in the VIMA orphanage was immediate. She chose to sponsor two beautiful children and is loving being a "sponsor mom." 

Camille is our official Humanitarian Service Mission Director. If you have any questions about upcoming trips to Ghana, feel free to email her here.