The Bully Code

6 proven tools to get a bully off your back

For teen girls AND guys

                   "The Bully Code

          helped me realize that I

    can outsmart a hater instead of

 just having to put up with being

treated like crap. The tool I used

 actually worked and they haven't 

     bullied me in 6 months."

                        -Carrie, age 16, TX 

                    "I'm on the 

      student council and I'm so

happy I went through the Bully

Code program because now I feel like I can actually help other kids."

               -Jordan, age 17, UT 

                   "My daughter

        was being bullied so badly

    that she was suicidal, after going

through this program, SHE knows

she can be her own hero. She used

the tools in real-life and got her 

  mean-girls off her back within

       a couple weeks!"

                 -Marie, Mom, CA 

Step 1: Watch the 4 Videos

Step 2: Go through the PDF playbook

Step 3: Win the bully game

Do you have a teenager who gets picked on, criticized, manipulated, teased, or otherwise hurt at school/church/anywhere?


Do you struggle with knowing how to help him/her?


Do they shut down when you try to talk to them about it?


Do you wish that someone could teach your kid PROVEN tools that can help them handle this problem on their own so they will feel confident instead of feeling like a victim?

It is a 4-video series with accompanying playbook to help your kid be their own HERO! They can solve their own problem of defusing toxic people in their life- building confidence and competence along the way.


I have been studying teen bullying for eight years and I have tested these tools with hundreds of kids all over America and they WORK!


The best part of this program is that you can hand it to your kid and let them go through the program on their own- without you having to hover over them. Your teen will LOVE that part. So many kids don't even want to talk to their parents, or a counselor, or a teacher about bullying- it's embarrassing for them. This way, they can educate themselves and solve the problem on their own- feeling like a rock star!!