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Riverton, UT, USA  Club

-$50 to start a club. (Annual fee) You get official "Master" & "Advisor" shirts, promotional materials, access to all our training, and your club gets featured on our site and the IGA app.


You need one "Master," one "Advisor," and three club members (ages 12-18) to start a club.


-"Masters" (ages 15-18) do the teaching. Learn leadership through actual leadership.


-"Ignitors" (ages 12-14) get to have a place where they can chat and make new friends while getting world-class leadership and confidence training.


-Each club gets to do one service project a month, led by your girls.


-Women (ages 19-99) get to be "Advisors." You get to serve the community, teach leadership skills, and love your girls!


-IGA gives you world-class leadership training before you begin running your club so you will be 100% confident


-Make friends and be a part of a global community of rock-star females!

-Your club members pay a one-time $27 registration fee to join. You get an official shirt, wristband, and discounts on our events!

- Any girl between the ages of 15 and 18 can step up and take the lead! Whether you've had experience or not- you can choose to be an IGA master.

- Learn leadership by teaching the weekly lessons, answering questions from your girls, supporting them to become their best selves and taking the time to love and support them.

- Add something awesome to your resume' and college applications!

- Serve the community once a month.

- Build your own confidence by discovering that you can make a huge difference in your "little sister's" lives.

- Feel important, needed and awesome!





IGA Clubs can be an official club at your school or they can be held at a home or community center.
You only need three girls to begin!
Adult Women: Get the girls in your neighborhood together and start a club!
Teen Girls: Whether you're 12 or 18, you can talk to your principal and see if you can start an official school club!



Ignitors   (Ages 12-15)


- Some girls want to take the lead and some girls just want to participate. Both are great! We want you to be a part of the fun and maybe when you're ready you could lead a service project or teach a lesson!

- Serve the community once

a month and take turns being in  charge of those projects.

- Be mentored by "big sisters" who have just recently been there, done that!

- Make new friends, laugh, have fun!

- Learn how to build confidence, think positively, tap into your personal power and celebrate all the glorious things about YOU!

- Feel important, needed and awesome!





Masters  (Ages 15-18)





Advisors (Ages 19-99)



- Make a huge difference in your community.

- Leave a legacy with girls who need guidance.

- Lead your "masters" by helping them discover their leadership skills.

- Have a ton of fun laughing with and loving your girls in your club.

- Serve your community each and every month helping you feel important, needed and awesome!




We want clubs all over the world! 

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