Workshop: 8-11 year olds

"She might be small but she is mighty"





Upcoming Workshop:

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What will my daughter learn?

At our L.I.L. workshop, your little ivy leader will learn vital skills that will help her prepare for the exciting but crazy teen years!

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This is our very FIRST "Little Ivy Leaders" workshop and we are beyond excited!  The magic sauce that makes our program successful is that we let the girls LEAD!

The main age group we serve is 12-18 so we will have our older Ivy girls design, create, and lead this workshop. And they are already sooooooooo excited to empower and adore your little princess. 

The workshop will include:

*Delicious 4-course dinner where we teach dining and social etiquette

*Service project that will be hand-delivered to our partners in Ghana, Africa to the most adorable orphans you can imagine. (Ivy Girl Academy journeyed to Africa in August of 2016 so we can vouch for the integrity of the orphanage- and we are going back in 2018!)

*Self-Respect- the girls will get pampered through hair and makeup makeovers while we teach them about celebrating our natural body and face shapes, and the fun of being a girl!

* We specialize in GIRL BULLYING (AKA- "mean girls"). Your daughter will become a psychology expert in why mean-girl behavior happens, how to deal with it effectively, and how to prevent it. We also cover how to recognize healthy vs. toxic relationships.

* We also ignite confidence & leadership SKILLS in your daughter. We don't teach a lot of fluffy theories- only evidence-based, proven techniques and tools your cutie can use to help her through life's challenges. 

*Self-Defense. In a world where 1 in 3 females will be assaulted in their lifetime, self-defense skills should not be optional. We have martial arts experts ready to empower your daughter to know that she could be her own hero and save her own life if she needed to. This is not fear-based education but a preparededness/confidence approach. 

*Friend-making awesomeness! This workshop is a safe, inclusive, exciting experience. We make sure that every girl feels welcome, every girl has fun, and every girl is loved.  She will make friends that could last a lifetime.

*Prizes, awards, games, healthy snacks, music, and fun!


Your daughter NEEDS the skills we will teach her!

You do NOT want her to miss this!

If you have questions or want more information, email or call 844-955-GIRL

Seating is limited so don’t wait!