The ivy girl curriculum

What do Ivy Girls think of our program & learn  WHY we do what we do!

Our in depth certification program will ignite the desire within our Ivy Girl Academy participants, to learn and use leadership skills.

The 12 Levels of Ladyhood & Areas of Focus

1. Confidence:
Happiness requires a foundation of confidence.
2. Leadership:
Discover your inner leader- everyone has one!
3. The Art of Gratitude:
Classy ladies are gracious and show gratitude.
4. Self-Defense:
We are worth protecting.
5. Dining & Social Etiquette:
Learning the art of caring for and about others
6. Service:
Looking for happiness? Serve someone!
7. Health:
Valuing and appreciating our bodies enough to take care of them through exercise and nutrition.
8. Motherhood:
Preparing for the beautiful opportunity of motherhood- if chosen.
9: Positive Mental Attitude:
Understanding the science behind the power of a positive attitude vs. a negative one.
10: Personal Power:
Owning our lives by not making excuses, not putting ourselves down, standing up for our friends, not placing blame, and avoiding toxic relationships.
11. Self-Respect:
When we are put together on the outside, we can be more confident on the inside.
12. Goal setting: 

Living our lives with purpose and passion.

What we Teach...