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Share your story * Live your purpose * Impact lives

Just like ripples in the water, your message can effect more people than you know. Leave a powerful legacy in the world through speaking. The Ivy Girl Academy hires speakers to be a part of their "Mean-Girl Makeover" tours and we don't consider a speaker unless she shows us she's serious and committed first. If you want to be an IGA speaker, this training is required before we will review your application. However, going through this program will NOT guarantee you a spot on our speaker team.


The Fullonline training

In the four-hour, ONLINE, speaker training, Jessie goes through the

10 action steps it takes to starting a speaking career. 

1. Your Niche- What is your one true area of expertise?

2. Your Message- What is your clear focus in your message?

3. Your Audience- Who will you speak to?

4. Your Style- Celebrating your natural style.

5. Your Story- How to craft a powerful, entertaining, thought-provoking story.

6. Your Speech- Performance tips 101.

7. Practice- Best practices to make sure you are polished and ready. 

8.Your Business- Website, demo video, contracts, and sales.

9. Marketing- How will you get people to hire you?

10.Your Platform- What else will you build?


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"Omg you showed me something that is working finally!  Results are proof in the pudding. You're fabulous!"

-Loralee Nunley

"It was a great training, Jessie. I'm excited to get involved in this business."

-Jode Allen

"I learned more with Jessie than I did at a 4-day speaker training with one of the "world's best" speakers...and I paid hundreds more!"

-Wendy Tatton

For 14 years, Jessie Funk has been traveling the country as a keynote speaker. Her main focus has been junior high/high school assemblies and leadership conferences. Through hard work, plenty of hard knocks, and hundreds of speeches, she has boiled down the basics of the speaking business into a formula that many people can utilize to get started with their own dreams of sharing their message.

Watch her in action here!


Apply to be an Ivy GirlSpeaker here!

Visit the presentations page here to learn more about our "Mean-Girl Makeover" presentation that we have our speakers learn for our tours. It is very specific, interactive, fun, and awesome! Our speakers do have an opportunity to share their own story inside the presentation.

Don't apply until you have completed the training.

Apply by filling out this form and sending us a short video telling us about yourself! Email the video to theivyfoundation@gmail.com 

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